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dc.contributor.authorImbar, Radiant Victor
dc.descriptionAiti : Jurnal Teknilogi Informasi, Vol. 6, No. 1, Februari 2009, p. 75-89id
dc.description.abstractA Grey Spun is a base material for making fabric to spun. Fabric division of PT X is the division which handles production process for grey spun fabric. This division uses manual method for filling the production data. Some of the data like the using of base material for production process and the result of production process need to be uploading into SAP (System Application and Product in data processing). Therefore, a web base application is designed for grey spun fabric production. With this application, we can upload and download the data to/from SAP more easily.en_US
dc.publisherFakultas Teknologi Informasi UKSWid
dc.subjectproduction processen_US
dc.subjectweb applicationen_US
dc.subjectdownload fileen_US
dc.subjecttextile companyen_US
dc.titlePembuatan Aplikasi Berbasis Web pada Produksi Weaving Spun di PT. X Unit Kainid
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