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Title: Partisipasi Masyarakat dan Dampak dalam Kegiatan Atraksi Wisata “Mahakarya Legenda Goa Kreo”: Studi Kasus di Goa Kreo, Dukuh Talun Kacang, Desa Kandri, Kecamatan Gunungpati, Semarang
Authors: Hakiki, Putri Nur
Keywords: rural tourism;participation;local community
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Program Studi Destinasi Pariwisata FTI-UKSW
Abstract: Tourist attraction activities "Mahakarya Legenda Goa Kreo" is fully implemented by the community. Starting from the planning stage until the performance of the tourist attraction. People who play a role in the activities of the attraction is supported by the manager of Goa Kreo and the Department of Culture and Tourism of Semarang City and in collaboration with the Student Association of Tourism Indonesia. The impacts that occur in this tourist attraction activities, both positive impact and negative impact. The impact of positive which is in the tourism activity of "Mahakarya Legend Goa Kreo" is the society directly involved in the activities of tourist attraction, the economy increases, improve knowledge about tourism, can motivate the community to be more motivated to entrepreneurship and deepen the talents already owned. Culture exchange, public awareness of surrounding environment in order to maintain the beauty, cleanliness, and uniqueness of tourism attractions. The negative impacts are dependence on tourism, local people's instability on economic resources, cultural change.
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