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Title: Peran Mas dan Mbak Duta Wisata dalam Mempromosikan Kota Salatiga
Authors: Wattimena, Priskila Maria
Keywords: The roles of Mas and Mbak of Tourism Ambassador;The Impacts of The roles of Mas and Mbak of Tourism Ambassador;Tourism and Culture, Salatiga
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Program Studi Public Realtions FTI-UKSW
Abstract: Tourism is a strong sector at supporting the growth of a region or a country. The condition then leads to “Tourism Ambassadors Contest”, where Salatiga is one of the towns that held that kind of competition. The background of this research is to know the role of Tourism Ambassadors particularly Tourism Ambassadors of Salatiga, where those figures have been considered as a need, and the tourism ambassadors are there in 32 provinces. Then, the minimum tourism objects in Salatiga makes the researcher eager to know how far is the role of the Tourism Ambassadors of Salatiga at developing tourism sector in Salatiga. Besides, the issue that Tourism Ambassadors’ Contest is just a routine contest to seek for popularity and a waste of local government’s budgeting allocation makes the researcher eager to know how is the role of Mas and Mbak of Tourism Ambassadors of Salatiga at promoting Salatiga during his and her period of being Tourism Ambassadors of Salatiga, and how is the impact of the Tourism Ambassadors toward the bussiness of tourism felt by Tourism Department of Salatiga and some tourism industrial resorts in Salatiga. This research used qualitative method and descriptive approach. The result of this research is the role of Mas and Mbak of Tourism Ambassadors of Salatiga is as the icons and participants who promote the potential of Salatiga, and the impact of their roles gives different contribution for each party.
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