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Title: Implementasi Internet Protocol Security Menggunakan Openswan untuk Mata Kuliah Keamanan Jaringan Komputer
Authors: Sulistyo, Vincentius Ivan Margery
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Program Studi Sistem Komputer FTEK-UKSW
Abstract: Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) is the security protocol network at the network layer providing confidentiality and authentication. As the technology advances, IPSec is required to increase of the confidentiality of data from theft and eavesdropping for example Google, which has been defaced by MaDLeeTs team so that other users can not access it. In fact there are not many IPSec implementation, therefore students need for a guide that can help them in learning about this technology. This thesis aims to the make learning practical guidelines that will be used in the course of Computer Network Security later. Learning guidelines that have been created consisting of four guidelines related to IPSec and sustained each other. On first topic, students learn about the introduction of Network Security and Openswan. On two topic, students learn to use the Network Security Implementation Openswan. On three topic, students learn about the types of attacks on IPSec. On last topic the students learn the application of IPSec in data transmission using the File Transfer Protocol. Guidelines format includes objectives, equipment, basic theory, practical measures, sample questions, tasks, and a bibliography. This thesis provides an IPSec implementation using software Openswan in order to support for network analysis. Data analysis with IPSec tested using Wireshark and TCPdump, accompanied by an explanation of the information transmitted the data packet. The result, students can understand the material provided and can follow the practical guidance with an average time of 155 minutes.
URI: http://repository.uksw.edu/handle/123456789/14963
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