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Title: Prototipe Sistem Pencatatan Keluar Masuk Barang Menggunakan RFID ISO 18000-6 dan Pembayaran Menggunakan NFC ISO 14443A
Authors: Yohanes, Banu Wirawan
Nugroho, Saptadi
Kristianto, Jati
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Program Studi Sistem Komputer FTEK-UKSW
Abstract: Activities at the store, such as the circulation of goods and the payment process at the checkout counter is something that requires extra effort and time. In addition, it takes precision in the calculation of money. Moreover, cash are considered inefficient because of the high cost of printing money. The purpose of this research is to make buying and selling activity at store become more save time and energy, and not much use of currency. In this thesis, we designed and created a prototype of goods logging system using RFID ISO 18000-6 and Raspberry Pi, as well as payment using NFC ISO 14443A and Arduino Mega, which can help store owner and manager in monitoring the store. Each item will be affixed to RFID Tags. When entering the gate, the data will be read by the RFID reader and sent to the server via API with JSON format. For the payment system, the NFC Tag is affixed to the phone. Then the data is read by NFC reader and sent to the server through API with JSON format. The recording system successfully reads the ID and the contents of the RFID Tag, then puts it into the database. Similarly, the payment system can do recording readings and put them into the database. Then, the result of a transaction is printed using a thermal printer. The information data of the profit can be downloaded in ".xls" format. The average recording time of items required to store data from RFID Tags to a database is 2.52 seconds. Meanwhile, the average time required for the payment program to conduct transactions for five products is 14.41 seconds. RFID reader can read 20 tags at once in 3 seconds. If the tag is passed the gate, the RFID reader can read 50 tags at once.
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