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Title: An Annotated Translation of Metaphor, Simile and Hyperbole in Betsy Byars’ “The Summer of The Swans” Novel
Authors: Sahuleka, Stefany Ezry
Keywords: metaphor ;simile;hyperbole;translation strategies
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Program Studi Satra Bahasa Inggris FBS-UKSW
Abstract: The objective of this research was to examine the translation strategies used to render the metaphors, similes and hyperboles into Indonesian and mistakes made in translation.. the translator used semantic translation method in order to keep up the original form. Also in order to serve the readers about the original writing style of the author, the translator tried to maintain the author’s writing style even though the target text result is not precisely same with the source text. Newmark states that semantic method is flexible, admits the creative exception to 100% fidelity and allows for the translator’s intuitive empathy with the original (Newmark, 1988). Main purpose on translation with commentary is to find any useful guidelines for a translation decision. The source of data is Betsy Byars novel The Summer of the Swans and its translation. This research aims to analyze the metaphor, simile and categories of hyperbole by using certain translation strategies in translating those metaphor, simile and hyperbole. In this research, there are two theories used, those are: Newmark’s theory to translate metaphor and simile and Sato’s theory for analyzing the categorization of hyperbole and translation strategies by Larson. There are two elements of metaphors, seven of similes and four of hyperboles annotated in the novel “The Summer of the Swans”. There are four translation strategies in total applied in this translation, in both metaphor and simile used reproducing the same image in the TL and in hyperbole used translation hyperbole to hyperbole and translation hyperbole to simile.
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