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Title: An Annotated Translation of Cultural Words in The Novel See Me by Nicholas Sparks
Authors: Ayu, Annisa Ima Widita
Keywords: cultural words;translation procedure;annotation
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Program Studi Satra Bahasa Inggris FBS-UKSW
Abstract: Translate means transferring the words in SL language into TL language by taking a look on the context. Translation can be valued as a good translation if the readers can receive the message on TL without a lot of changes in understanding the message from the SL. Translator is good when he/she can deliver the message to the readers clearly. In this study the translator will annotate cultural words in a novel “See Me” by Nicholas Sparks, which most of the cultural words that being annotated are from Mexican language. For the starter, the cultural words will be categorized based to Newmark’s category of cultural words. This study also refers to Newmark’s procedures about translating cultural words. In this study, the translator will do annotation, as the research questions ask about the procedures that being used to translate cultural words and why do the translator uses those procedures. This study will come up with the explanation about the procedures that being used in certain problems, followed by explanation of selecting certain procedures. Based on seventeen data of cultural words that has been taken from the part of the novel, the procedures that being used are couplets, borrowing, functional equivalent, cultural equivalent, transference, and descriptive equivalent. The most common procedure used for all categories is borrowing, as there are many examples taken from SL language to be introduced into target text readers. Although by using the procedures of borrowing the translator looks like not giving explanation to the readers clearly about the meaning in the TL, it makes the various language in TL text creates connection and bound between readers, TL text, and SL text. Also, in order to add variation of languages in TL culture, it introducing cultural words with target text readers. This procedures can attract the readers with foreign language, and also create connection between SL language and the readers. Procedure of borrowing can be considered as a procedure which highly respects the SL culture, as the translator wants to keep it exclusive on the original terms of cultural words. In this study, the translator will explain several procedures in translating cultural words based on categories of food, plants, artistic terms, and social culture.
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