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Title: Proteksi Integritas Data dengan Metode CRC32 dan SHA-256 pada Aplikasi Pengunduh dan Transfer File
Authors: Hutomo, Bagus Pradipta Satriyajati
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Program Studi Sistem Komputer FTEK-UKSW
Abstract: Seiring file yang tersebar luas di internet, dibutuhkan perangkat lunak untuk mengecek integritas dan keamanan data setelah file diunduh atau ditransfer. Selain unduh dan transfer cek integritas juga dilakukan saat pengiriman file penting seperti dokumen. Untuk melakukan cek integritas dan keamanan data, digunakan nilai CRC32 dan SHA-256. Metode yang digunakan adalah dengan membangkitkan nilai CRC dan SHA saat pembuatan file khusus sebelum file diunggah. File yang diunduh atau transfer dicek dengan cara membandingkan nilai CRC dan SHA yang terdapat pada file, dan nilai CRC dan SHA yang dihitung oleh perangkat lunak. CRC32 dan SHA-256 dapat mendeteksi perubahan 1 bit pada file, sehingga CRC32 dan SHA-256 mampu untuk memeriksa integritas dan keamanan data.
As files are widespread on the internet, software is required to check the integrity and security of data after the files are downloaded or transferred. In addition to download and transfer integrity checks are also done when sending important files such as documents. To perform these checks, CRC32 and SHA-256 values were used. The method is to generate CRC and SHA values when creating a special file before the files were uploaded. Downloaded or transferred files were checked by comparing the CRC and SHA values which these are contained in the file and the CRC and SHA values which were calculated by the software. CRC32 and SHA-256 can detect 1 bit changes in files, so CRC32 and SHA-256 are able to check data integrity and security.
URI: http://repository.uksw.edu/handle/123456789/16672
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