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Title: Students’ Difficulties Related to Vocabulary in Computer-Mediated Communication
Authors: Kartodinoto, Suryo Waskito
Keywords: Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC);vocabulary difficulties;vocabulary size test;word association
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris FBS-UKSW
Abstract: The development of technology makes computer-mediated communication (CMC) a common thing to use nowadays in EFL classes. With this condition, different levels of English skills and difficulties faced might affect discussion process in CMC. Chapelle (2004) stated that CMC might be beneficial. This idea is supported by Budiono (2015) which said students can do some strategies to encounter vocabulary deficiencies in CMC .This study was aimed to identify the difficulties faced by students during online discussion process. In this qualitative, Stimulated Recall Protocol was used to analyze the result. In support to this, Vocabulary Size Test by Schmitt and Zimmerman (2002), and Jiang (2004); also Word Association by Read (1993) were used to categorize and reveal the difficulties faced by students. Ten freshmen students of Faculty of Language and Arts participated in this research with the help of stimulated recall protocol, keystroke loging software application, and desktop screen recorder. It was found that most of the students found it difficult to translate from their L1 because they need some times to recall the correct translation. Furthermore, some students also have limited awareness of word derivation. From this study it is concluded that students need some improvement in their English skill, especially the ones related to vocabulary.
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