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dc.contributor.advisorYohanes, Banu Wirawan-
dc.contributor.advisorRumaksari, Atyanta Nika-
dc.contributor.authorGinting, Gilang Kristian Putra-
dc.description.abstractIn a doctor's clinic, a book that is usually called a patient book is used for storing information about patients who come to the doctor's clinic. This book as a storage media is still analog in nature, which has deficiencies, among others, is easily damaged or lost, is difficult to reproduce and back up, usage can only be done by one person at a time. For that purpose a website system for storing history and patient data records that is based on database and uses Angular JS will be designed. A website sytem based on database is designed using Angular JS. This website is placed on a computer called a central computer. This central computer is connected to other computers using a Local Area Network (LAN). A database server is also placed on the central computer to store information needed by the website such as patient history, drug information and others. System users will be divided into three, namely doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. Each user has different access rights in the system. Angular JS will be used in the system for the backend process in the system, the main feature of implementing Angular JS is updating data that is displayed and changed in real time and the main menu of the website will include all existing features without the need to move to another page. From the test results using a scenario of a process at the doctor's clinic, the system can be connected locally and can be accessed through a web browser on a computer that is connected and operating properly. The features in the design are all implemented properly. Angular JS has been used as a whole in the system, two main features have been implemented into the system.en_US
dc.publisherProgram Studi Sistem Komputer FTEK-UKSWid
dc.titleWebsite Penyimpanan Riwayat dan Catatan Data Pasien Berbasis Database dengan Menggunakan Angular JSid
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