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Title: Analisis Persepsi terhadap Service Delivery dengan Kerangka Kerja ITIL Versi 3 di Kementrian Ministerio Da Justiça Dili Timor Leste
Authors: da Costa, Edio
Keywords: Service Delivery;ITIL versi 3;IT Governance;MJTL;NDTI;Human Resoures;Information System;Information Technology
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Magister Sistem Informasi Program Pascasarjana FTI-UKSW
Abstract: Service Delivery (SD) is a managerial of the processes that have a primary focus on the user of all IT services, which ensures that IT services can be used according as the function to support the activities in the public institutions. Objects of the study this thesis is on the national division of information technology (NDIT) in Ministry of Justice Timor Leste (MJTL). The sample in this study are 18 respondents consisting of IT Manager, IT Advisor Internacional, International System analyst, sysadmin, database admin, helpdesk, network administrator, front office systems, ICT trainers and administrative asistant. The framework used in this study is the ITIL version 3, the domain Service Strategy (SS) and the sub domain service Portfolio Management (SPM), Demand Management (DM), Financial Management (FM). The purpose of this study was to determine the extent to which the strategic development of IT services that have been implemented in accordance with the strategic plan towards the implementation of IT Governance. The results of this study indicate that significantly the ministry of MJTL has implemented policies and standard operation procedures (SOP) relating to the framework of ITIL version 3, although it is not maximized and extended throughout the unit, it is because lack of human resources, staffing and financial aspects. To fix these problems, especially in NDIT of MJTL need to increase investment budget to human resources (HR) and improve the Information System (IS) and Information Technology (IT) infrastructure that has been implemented.
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