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Title: Optimasi Biodiesel dari “Blothong” (Limbah Pabrik Mie Instan) Ditinjau dari Konsentrasi Katalis (NaOH) dan Waktu Pemanasan
Other Titles: Biodiesel Optimation of “Blothong” (Instant Noodle Factory Wastes) as Revealed by Catalyst Concentration (NaOH) and Heating Time
Authors: Kippuw, Lucia Yustitia
Keywords: biodiesel;oil/fats;instant noodle factory wastes;optimation
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Program Studi Kimia FSM-UKSW
Abstract: The purpose of this study was determining the optimation yield of biodiesel from oil/fats instant noodle factory wastes as revealed by catalyst concentration (NaOH) and heating time and their interactions. Data was analyzed by Factorial Design (4x3), it’s used Randomized Compeletely Block Design (RCBD) and the Honestly Significant Differences (HSD) at 5% significant level with three repications which was the time heating were used as block. Catalyst concentration was consisted of four levels, those were 0,5%, 1,0%, 1,5%, and 2,0%, respectively. Time heating was consisted of three levels, those were 30, 60, 90, and 120 minutes, respectively. The result of the study showed that : 1) The highest yield of biodiesel (49,19 ± 2,19%) was optained at 2,0% NaOH addition. 2) The highest yield of biodiesel (52,68 ± 0,76%) was optained at 120 minutes time heating duration. 3) The maximum yield of biodiesel was optained in amount 56,57 ± 0,24% at 2,0% NaOH addition with 120 minutes time heating duration, but it was optimum at 2,0% NaOH addition and 120 minutes time heating duration in amount 41,85 ± 1,75%.
URI: https://repository.uksw.edu/handle/123456789/20240
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