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Title: Error Correction: Is It Necessary and Beneficial?
Authors: Wahyana, Antonius
Keywords: error correction;corrective feedback;interlanguage;language acquisition
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: Language teachers in many countries, including English language teachers, have been practicing error correction for a long time. This practice is an inevitable by-product of learning a new language, including English as a foreign language in Indonesia. There is an opinion that error correction is useless because language learners will always make the same mistakes on different occasions. Even this practice can make them demotivated if the teacher frequently corrects their mistakes. This article aims at convincing English teachers and prospective English teachers that the practice of learners' error correction is necessary and beneficial for language acquisition and learning purposes. Before the conclusion is made, a number of opinions from language teaching experts including research findings related to learners' error correction in various countries from the 1970s to the present day are reviewed.
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