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Title: Analisis Layanan KSP dan BMT Dalam Fungsinya Sebagai LKM: Studi Kasus KSP Mulia Salatiga dan BMT Anda Salatiga
Authors: Haryati, Ninik
Keywords: Poverty;Involution of Business;Livelihood;Hold Out Strategy
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: Life of rural communities are still linked to poverty that is difficult to be solved. From the poor people who never stopped fighting to get out from the poverty that handcuff their lives. This research aims to review how the settled vegetable sellers in Dusun Mengkelang which is the poor people, struggling to develop their business that has not changed or even the involution has occurred over the years. This research used a qualitative method through in-depth interviews and observations. The result of this research indicates that the settled vegetable sellers keep trying to increase their revenues by increasing their sales, but there is an obstacle to raise their sales. It is about the newcomers of the vegetable sellers that go around selling their sale. It makes so many buyers turnto the itinerant vegetable seller because it is easier to reach and the vegetables still fresh, too. To face that case, the settled vegetable sellers use a survival strategy by providing loans to buyers who have not been able to pay, and they sell vegetables at low prices. So, they do not lose the customers.This strategy is used by the settled vegetable sellers to keep their livelihood going. So, they still have the revenues source and still able to fulfill the needs of their life.
URI: https://repository.uksw.edu/handle/123456789/21422
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