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Title: The Effect of Picture Drawing and Picture Comparisons in the Negotiation Process of NNS-NNS Interactions
Authors: Susan, Anita
Palupi, Victoria Usadya
Keywords: interactions;communicative tasks;negotiation of meaning
Issue Date: Jan-2009
Publisher: Faculty of Language and Literature, Satya Wacana Christian University
Abstract: Many undergraduate students find it difficult to achieve an adequate level of English proficiency. One factor that may contribute to this lack of proficiency is because there are insufficient interactions to develop the students' language abilities. Another factor is that the classroom environment does not support the interaction process between teacher and students, since students rarely have an initiative to interact with their teachers. Even if the students have an initiative to interact with their teachers, there is still limited time and the class size is usually big, so that it makes it difficult for the teacher to have intensive interactions with the students. This qualitative study attempts to find the benefits of using picture comparisons and picture drawings as communicative tasks in the negotiation of meaning for non-native speaker (NNS)-NNS interactions. Two indigenous female Indonesian speakers studying at Satya Wacana Christian University participated in this study. The results of this study show that the negotiation of meaning using communicative tasks can motivate the students to be actively involved in interactions. However, negotiation of meaning does not directly lead to language development, since some of the responses are only acknowledgements and repetition.
Description: English.Edu, Vol. 9, No. 1, January 2009, p. 1-19
ISSN: 1412-5161
Appears in Collections:English.Edu 2009 Vol. 9 No. 1 January

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