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dc.contributor.advisorIstarto, Yulius-
dc.contributor.advisorKristianto, Jeffri-
dc.contributor.authorHandika, Cefy Aprilia Putra-
dc.description.abstract“Ananta” istilah tersebut berasal dari bahasa Sansekerta yang memiliki makna tanpa batas. Penulis ingin mengartikan bahwa instrumen drum ini merupakan instrumen yang tanpa batas, dapat digunakan dalam format apapun, dan genre apapun. Penulis akan membawakan beberapa repertoar dalam beberapa format seperti duet, trio, full band, dan big band. Selain itu penulis juga akan memainkan beberapa lagu menggunakan minus one. Penulis akan memainkan enam lagu dengan genre latin, progressive rock, dan fusion. Repertoar yang akan dibawakan yaitu: Dance of Eternity (Dream Theater), Nightmare to Remember (Dream Theater), Bread Jam Bread (Trisum), Salsa for Three (Tony Robinson), What About Me (Snarky Puppy), dan Spain (Chick Corea).id
dc.description.abstractAnanta’ drum recital, “Ananta” is a depiction that emerges from a Sanskrit term which means “unbounded.” The writer wants to reveal that these drum instruments do not have any boundaries or “limitless.” Hence, these drum instruments can be played in many genres and forms. The writer will deliver some repertories in several styles such as duet, trio, full band, and big band. Furthermore, the writer will perform a few songs by using a minus one. The writer will also bring six songs including Latin music, progressive rock, and fusion. The repertories which will be delivered are: Dance of Eternity by Dream Theater, Nightmare to Remember by Dream Theater, Bread Jam Bread by Trisum, Salsa for Three by Tony Robinson, What About Me by Snarky Puppy, and Spain by Chick Coreaen_US
dc.titleAnanta Resital Drumid
uksw.facultyFakultas Bahasa dan Seni-
uksw.identifier.kodeprodiKODEPRODI91221#Seni Musik-
uksw.programSeni Musik-
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