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Title: A Young Javanese Woman's Disagreement Against Traditional Gender Roles
Authors: Prasadhy, Yosefin Maisie
Keywords: traditional gender roles;women's role;stereotype;caregiver's role
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: In the traditional gender roles, men are portrayed as logical (rational), powerful, protective, and determined, whereas women are portrayed as emotional (irrational), powerless, nurturing, and submissive. The existence of the notion 'women seen as a weaker being both physically and intellectually' is clear evidence that gender equality has not been achieved. During 1970s, Indonesian women’s role, especially when they are married, is only limited to being the caregiver's role or housewives. Nonetheless, the short story in this thesis is to prove that the role of women is not only limited to the caregiver’s role, whether they are married or unmarried. The disagreement expressed by the main character in carrying out her life according to the traditional role of a woman represents the main goal of the author in writing this story. This thesis is inspired by a film entitled Kartini by Hanung Bramantyo and a book written by R.A Kartini named Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang. In the end, the author hopes that after reading this story, the readers become more aware that one does not have to use the stereotyped gender roles as the only way of living. For example, women could enjoy their lives in their own way, regardless of the “role of women should be” rules.
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