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Title: The Portrayal of Self Concept Effects on a Dangdut Singer’s Personality Represented in the Short Story Entitled the Hapless
Authors: Taek, Sardak Melkiur
Keywords: dangdut;personality;self-concept
Issue Date: Jan-2022
Abstract: The hapless is a creative work about Vera, a woman who suffered from negative assessment and negative self-concept to her personality because of her job as a dangdut singer. She lived in a family who forbid her to work but on the other side, she had a strong desire to help her mother to pay their father's debt. Eventually, she got pregnant when carried the job by her boyfriend, who comes from a rich family but she was not accepted in the family because she was considered as a night lady who have low self-esteem. The creative work is based on a psychoanalysis approach, specifically on personality theory from Sigmund Freud (Id, ego, and superego). The short story will portray the personality of Vera dealing with the effect of self-concept on her personality.
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