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dc.contributor.advisorSatiani, Lasti Nur-
dc.contributor.authorWidodo, Agung Tyas-
dc.description.abstractThe study was aimed at how the implementation of Tri Hita Karana (three causes of harmony and prosperity) implemented in Mas village, Ubud-Bali can support community-based tourism in order to maintain their cultural heritage and in the form of preservation from environmental degradation. Mas village has a great potential to become a cultural tourism product and can be developed with considerable community involvement. Mas village has selected Tri Hita Karana concept as the basis of tourist attraction’s management by giving specific attention to the three elements of Tri Hita Karana including parahyangan (spiritual/culture), pawongan (community), and palemahan (environment). Bale Banjar is an institution about Tri Hita Karana that covers all aspects of traditional activities including; the preparation of traditional ceremonies, village meetings, and other social activities. Therefore, this study was conducted to find out real steps taken by the Mas village in terms of implementing the Tri Hita Karana concept. Data for this study was collected through an interview method to find a description of the implementation of the concept of Tri Hita Karana in managing Mas village as a tourist attraction. This interview was conducted with local stakeholders from various sources and backgrounds. The data analyze by qualitative descriptive method. These data were combined with secondary data such as reports, literature related with the object of research and presented in the form of description. Keyword; Tri Hita Karana, Local Wisdom, Community Based Tourismen_US
dc.subjectTri Hita Karanaen_US
dc.subjectLocal Wisdomen_US
dc.subjectCommunity Based Tourismen_US
dc.titlePenerapan Konsep Tri Hita karana di Desa Wisata Mas, Ubud, Bali Berbasis Community Based Tourism (CBT)en_US
uksw.facultyFakultas Interdisiplinen_US
uksw.identifier.kodeprodiKODEPRODI93304#Destinasi Pariwisata-
uksw.programDestinasi Pariwisataen_US
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