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Title: Penerapan ACL Extended pada Jaringan VLAN menggunakan Aplikasi Cisco Packet Tracer
Authors: Usior, Onesimus Joumaran
Sediyono, Eko
Keywords: network;ACL;extended ACL;Cisco Packet Tracer;VLAN
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: To improve network quality properly and limit attacks by security threats from other parties who are not responsible for a computer network, a quality, precise and good network security is needed. By implementing Extended ACLs networks VLAN using Cisco Packet Tracer on computer networks in order to be able to control each network user's access rights services so that it is expected to produce prototypes on the network and simulate them. There are 6 stages carried out in this research, namely network analysis, network design, development, network, network configuration, network testing and analysis of test results. The results of the Extended ACL that have been configured and applied can produce several conditions to overcome spam by limiting the access rights of the VLAN network and the Access point that has been used. Extended ACL The configured the router precisely in limiting access rights on each VLAN network or Access point in determining network can connect and communicate with each other to be able to access the ftp server and web server.
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