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Title: Evaluasi Biodiversitas Vegetasi dan Karbon Tersimpan pada Lanskap Taman Kota Bendosari, Salatiga
Authors: Ananda, Dhias Pradipta
Keywords: Biodiversity;Landscape services;Carbon sequestration;Vegetation
Issue Date: 31-Oct-2022
Publisher: Agriculture and Forestry Journal
Abstract: Bendosari City Park functions as the lungs of the city, namely as an aspect of the ongoing recycling process between carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2). Bendosari City Park has biodiversity that must be maintained and preserved. In addition, the vegetation in the park is also able to absorb carbon and has the potential to overcome global warming. This study aims to calculate the value of biodiversity, carbon stored in Bendosari City Park, and correlate the two. In addition, this research also formulates recommendations to determine the next steps towards a low-carbon society. The biodiversity value obtained consists of a species richness index value of 6.72 with high status. The evenness index value is 0.82 with high status, and the tree diversity value is 3.17 with high status. The carbon content stored is 92,34 tons/ha for trees, 4.83 tons/ha for undergrowth, 3.83 tons/ha for necromass, and 13.23 tons/ha for litter. In this study, no significant relationship was found between the two, and there was no strong correlation. The recommendation is to plant trees with high dbh (diameter at breast height) in order to optimize carbon sequestration and store large amounts of carbon.
ISSN: XXI No. 2 Oktober 2022
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