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Title: Perancangan Motion Graphic Pembangunan Rumah Baru Rumah Swadaya dan Kawasan Pemukiman Provinsi Jawa Tengah
Authors: Bolangitan, Marvin Rahardianto
Keywords: motion graphic;media sosialisasi
Issue Date: May-2022
Abstract: House is included onto one of the the necessity that every family needs. A house that are decent will lead onto a better living enviroment. One of the reasoning behind the ownership of a decent house is poverty. In order to provide a decent house and the well-being of living in a good enviroment, the government providing a program which help the citizens yet the citizens become the main role in the progamme itself. The program called "Bantuan Stimulan Rumah Swadaya", the main goal of this programme is to provide a better housing for themselves but the citizens also participated in the programme.
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