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Title: Analisis Pemanfaatan Ruang Terbuka Non Hijau sebagai Representasi Ruang Sosial di Kawasan Kumuh (Studi Wilayah Pancuran Kota Salatiga)
Authors: Prawesti, Septi Anggi
Keywords: non-green open space;space representation;social space;slum area
Issue Date: 6-May-2020
Abstract: The increased number of population leads to imbalanced space and the stress effect on space makes the open space narrower, so that the area develops dirtiness. The narrow space availability occurs in Pancuran area, Kelurahan Kutowinangun Lor, Tingkir Sub District, Salatiga City. It can be seen from the population density of 16.822 people/km2 in Pancuran. As the solution to the narrow space, a non-green open space has been constructed in Pancuran area in 2018 in the form of landmark called Zero Point. This research aimed to analyze the form of non-green open space utilization in Pancuran slum area. This study employed qualitative approach. Data collection was conducted using observation, interview, and documentation methods. The unit of observation used in this study was community activity conducted in Zero Point, while the unit of analysis was how the utilization of non-green open space is in Pancuran slum area. The result of research showed that (1) the form of non-green open space (Zero Point) utilization as the representation of social space in Pancuran slum area is currently limited to the playground area for children, stopover place for the visitors coming into Pancuran area, and photographing area; (2) the social space constructed in Zero Point is the result of children’s playing activity process, in turn making the space alive; (3) Zero Point can be said as an icon or symbol that can change Pancuran slum area into the organized and quality modern village one.
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