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Title: Model Bisnis dan Layanan Cloud Computing Yang Ideal untuk Negara Berkembang (Studi Kasus : Perbandingan Model Bisnis dan Layanan Cloud Computing di Indonesia)
Authors: Tumbelaka Palar, Roland
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Magister Sistem Informasi Program Pascasarjana FTI-UKSW
Abstract: This paper examined the business models of cloud computing and its services that appropriate with custumers needs in developing countries especially in Indonesia. The research was carried out through comparative analysis processes of the types of services that were offered by the cloud computing providers in Indonesia. It included the cloud computing providers from abroad which have customers in Indonesia. The expected results of this study were to get the information about cloud services in Indonesia (the cloud provider customers are from Indonesia) and to find out the most popular cloud services in developing countries, especially Indonesia.
Description: Penulis tidak mengijinkan Thesis ini untuk di publikasikan secara Full text
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