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Title: The Development of Electronic Teaching Materials Multimedia with Macromedia Flash 8.0
Authors: Wahyudi
Keywords: electronic learning materials;multimedia;macromedia flash 8.0;mathematics
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Satya Wacana Christian University
Abstract: The advances of technology happen so rapidly and they have an impact on people's lives. The impact also approaches the education world which is computers and the Internet are used to become a media of learning. This utilization facilitates the students to study and get the information in a short time. This condition is also done by SWCU through the media of E-learning which is Flexible Learning. But the learning models are not all equipped with teaching materials to facilitate student learning. The prepared materials are still dominated by moving the books in electronic form (file). The purpose of this research is to develop electronic learning materials multimedia with macromedia flash 8.0 to the basic concept of mathematics course. This research is a research development. The stages of development is done in four phases, namely: (1) the needs analysis phase, (2) the design phase of the development model, (3) the development phase and evaluation, (4) dissemination stage of the final product. The data collection techniques use the expert judgment and trial products. The instrument used was an expert validation sheet, closed questionnaire responses of students to the use of instructional materials in teaching, an open questionnaire to provide feedback about learning and teaching materials used, and also the test questions to see the impact of learning is used. These results indicate that the multimedia-based on electronic teaching materials with Macromedia Flash 8 is made to have a good category in terms of material and media. These materials can help facilitate student learning about the system of linear equations in three variables. The trials showed that students are getting more exited in learning math. Students more understand easily about the material because of the help of animation, video, color and attractive appearance. By using this help of text, audio, and video, students can be able to study more independently, so that teaching materials are suitable for being used as a selfteaching materials that can be used everywhere and students can learn that any time.
Description: Proceeding International Seminar “Be the Leading Entity in Education”. Salatiga, June 27th-28th, 2012, p. 153-161
ISBN: 978-979-1098-07-13
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