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Title: EFL Students’ Listening Comprehension Processes in Completing Video-Based Listening Tasks
Authors: Purwitaningrum, Wulan
Keywords: Listening comprehension processes;Bottom-up process;Top-down process;Video
Issue Date: Jul-2022
Abstract: Listening as one of the essential skills has raised concerns in teaching a second language. Listening also has a process named the listening comprehension process, which is divided into two types, and those are bottom-up and top-down processing. In enhancing students’ listening skills, the teacher decided to use videos as audio and visual aids, to enhance students’ listening comprehension skills. Thus, this study aims to determine the type of listening comprehension processes used by the students and how they comprehend the videos using each type in completing video-based listening tasks. Forty one students from the Intensive Listening class in the Faculty of Language and Arts, Salatiga took part in this study as participants. The data were collected quantitatively using a close-ended questionnaire and qualitatively using interviews using open-ended questions. The results revealed that the top-down process was slightly higher than the bottom-up process in completing the video-based listening tasks. Moreover, this study also revealed how students used their listening comprehension processes for each process.
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