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Title: Information Technology Governance Design in DevOps-Based E-Marketplace Companies Using COBIT 2019 Framework
Authors: Lestari, Merryana
Keywords: Information Technology Governance;COBIT 2019;E-Marketplace Companies;DevOps
Issue Date: 28-Jul-2022
Abstract: E-Marketplace system is a digital place where sellers and buyers meet virtually, and transactions can be processed safely. E-Marketplace companies is oriented towards consumer-centric products and services, operates and has 24/7 non-stop transaction activities. E-Marketplace system development has become the digital transformations in Information Technology (IT) governance that meets the requirements as a system-based automated control with the application of DevOps principles. This study uses a mix method approach through questionnaires, interviews, expert judgment and relevant literature reviews related to e-Marketplace system and IT governance concepts using the COBIT 2019 framework which has 11 design factors with 40 IT processes to obtain the most appropriate governance model for e-Marketplace companies. The results obtained in the form of 6 (six) processes in the IT governance model using the DevOps approach, namely the APO03 – Managed Enterprise Architecture, APO04 – Managed Innovation, BAI04 – Managed Availability and Capacity, BAI06 – Managed IT Changes, BAI11 – Managed Projects, and DSS03 – Managed Problems with a score ≥ 75 and the capability level target is at level 4.
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