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Title: Comparison of IDW and Kriging Interpolation Methods Using Geoelectric Data to Determine the Depth of the Aquifer in Semarang, Indonesia
Authors: Brilliananta, Radix Dewana
Keywords: Aquifer;IDW;Kriging;RMSE;MAPE
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2022
Abstract: Several areas in Semarang City have been unable to get a clean water supply through the Local Water Company (PDAM) channel. One of the solutions that can be done to overcome this problem is by utilizing groundwater, which can be obtained by building a deep well made to obtain rock layers that can accommodate and drain groundwater (aquifer layer). To find out the approximate depth of the aquifer layer, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary investigation before drilling. There are so many methods that can be done, and one of them is by using the geoelectric method. After using the geoelectric method, we can determine the distribution of the depth of the aquifer in Semarang City by using interpolation analysis. In this study, the IDW and Kriging interpolation methods were used. The two methods were then compared to show the difference in the distribution of aquifer depths in areas that lack clean water using the two interpolation methods above. Besides that, we are using RMSE and MAPE analysis to find the error rate of the two methods. The results obtained were the RMSE of the IDW and Kriging methods amounting to 5,829 and 5,433, and the MAPE results were 10.90% and 10.34%. Based on this, the Kriging method tends to have better results when interpolating using geoelectric data. With this research, it is hoped to provide knowledge to determine the most suitable interpolation method used in determining the depth of the aquifer and also can be used as an illustration of the depth of the aquifer in the area that lacked clean water in Semarang City, so that it can be used as a reference in estimating the design of good deep development more accurately.
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