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Title: Perancangan Sistem Komunikasi Menggunakan User Datagram Protocol Metode Unicast pada Robot R2C-Warrior
Authors: Syukur, Muhammad Abdusy
Keywords: KRI;KRSBI;serial;User Datagram Protocol;UDP;Unicast
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: Robotic Research Center (R2C) is a robotic team from Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW). R2C has two divisions, one of them is R2C-Warrior team that took a part in wheeled soccer competition (KRSBI Beroda). When designing the robot, R2C-Warrior uses a laptop to process the algorithm and three Arduino microcontrollers to read sensors and drive an actuators. Uses Serial for communication between laptop and Arduino which is connected via the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port. Using Serial in this design has disadvantages, that are only one Arduino can connected to the laptop and the received data sometimes is lost or wrong with a data loss rate is 28% and data error rate is 4% in 1000 times data transmissions. To solve this problems, the author made a system using Ethernet instead USB with advantages can connect a laptop with three Arduino microcontrollers at once, and use User Datagram Protocol (UDP) with Unicast method instead Serial, because UDP has a checksum to ensure that sent or received data has no errors. Based on testing that has been done, this system has no data errors in testing data transmissions, both from laptop to Arduino, Arduino to laptop, and Arduino to Arduino. Other than that, this system doesn’t have a problems when there is no communication or when receiving data from unknown device(s), and also can filtered data when there is available data from unknown device(s).
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