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dc.contributor.advisorMurtianta, Budihardja-
dc.contributor.advisorSetiaji, Fransiscus Dalu-
dc.contributor.authorWibowo, Feradikus Oktapian Catur-
dc.description.abstractThe function of audio amplifier is to strengthen and enlarge the input signal into an output that is able to control the sound at a relatively large power level. One example of an audio amplifier is a class D audio amplifier. A class D audio amplifier is a digital based amplifier that uses a Pulse with Modulation (PWM) system, where the input signal will be processed into a PWM signal and then amplified and re-designed by the LC filter. This class D audio amplifier has the advantage of its large power efficiency (approximately 90%). In this design, LC filters are made for class D audio amplifiers that are tested with three different power supplies: ± 20 Volt, ± 25 Volt, and ± 30 Volt. From tests conducted on class D audio amplifiers, the results obtained in the form of efficiency values, THD values, and SNR values on each power supply value. The test carried out by giving an input signal in the form of a 1 kHz sine wave with an amplitude of 1 Vpp and a speaker resistance of 8 Ω. When power supply at ± 20 V has an 85% efficiency, when power supply at ± 25 V has an efficiency of 70.04%, and when the power supply at ± 30 V has an efficiency of 53.987%. Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) value of the ± 20 V power supply is 1.3%, then at the ± 25 V power supply is 2%, and at ± the 30 V power supply is 1.3%. Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) at ± 20 V power supply is 53.39 dB, then at ± 25 V power supply is 42.98 dB, and at ± 30 V power supply is 39.74 dB. LC filter has a flat frequency response at each power supply value and will decrease when given an input frequency above the cut-off frequency (20 kHz).en
dc.subjectaudio amplifieren
dc.subjectclass D audio amplifieren
dc.subjectLC filteren
dc.titlePerancangan Tapis LC untuk Penguat Audio Kelas D dengan Tiga Daya yang Berbedaid
uksw.facultyFakultas Teknik Elektronika dan Komputer-
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