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Title: Nilai-Nilai Kearifan Lokal Pada Niat Melakukan Whistleblowing Dalam Pengelolaan Dana Desa
Authors: Utami, Katarina Dwi
Keywords: whistleblowing;local wisdom;moral intensity;ethical climate
Issue Date: 19-May-2017
Abstract: This study aimed to find out the potential of doing whistleblowing in village government offices and the factors which influenced somebody to do whistleblowing. The study was conducted in Bringin Village, Disctric of Bringin, Semarang Regency. The method used in this study was qualitative which focused on descriptive approach in which sequential technique was used to gather the data. The result of this study showed that first, the local wisdoms were the underlying reasons of the citizens’ courage to do whistleblowing because they felt responsible in building their village and got rid of the bad things which might happen to their village. Second, there was benevolence ethical climate in that village in which the government officials nurtured the society’s awareness by giving explanation about the effects to the society if there was village fund wrongdoing. This was supported by the moral intensity in which the society always tried to maintain good moral by nurturing the awareness of the importance of revealing fraud for the sake of the society’s wellbeing. Third, the principle ethical climate used by the government officials nurtured the society’s courage to do whistleblowing by showing the sanctions of the village fund wrongdoing which would affect all part of society and also the steps taken by the government officials regarding the case of village fund wrongdoing.
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