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Title: Analisis Pola Persebaran & Keterjangkauan SMA/SMK di Kota Salatiga Menggunakan Analisis Buffering & Nearest Neighbor
Authors: Sapakoly, Vincent Tri Winadi
Keywords: analysis;distribution patterns;affordability of school locations;GIS
Issue Date: 19-Oct-2022
Abstract: This study aims to analyze the availability, distribution pattern, and affordability of educational facilities, especially at the SMA & SMK levels in Salatiga City. The method used in this research is quantitative descriptive data analysis, buffering analysis, and Nearest neighbor analysis. The data used was obtained through INAGeoportal which is Indonesia's national geoportal that connects various Ministries, Institutions, Provinces, and Regions that are partners in connecting the National Geospatial Information Network and Google Earth. The results obtained using Nearest Neighbor Analysis show that the distribution pattern of high school and vocational education facilities in Salatiga City is classified as a cluster pattern with nearest neighbor index of 0.52. Based on Buffer's analysis, it is known that the affordability of educational facilities at the SMA & SMK levels in Salatiga City has been fully served.
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