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Title: Kadar Air, Abu, Protein, dan Karbohidrat pada Tahapan Pembuatan Tempe
Authors: Ardian Purnama, Frenky
Keywords: Water;Ash;Protein;Carbohydrate;the Processing of Tempe Production
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Program Studi Kimia FSM-UKSW
Abstract: The aimofthis research was to determineandcompare thecontent of water, ash, protein, andcarbohydrate in the processing of tempe production fromboth imported and local(Grobogan) soybean. Measurement of water content by oven method, ash content by furnice method, while protein content by kjeldahl method, and carbohydrate content by anthrone method. Data was analyzed byTtestwiththreereplications, andtocompare the averagetreatment used a95% confidenceinterval. The result of this research indicates that the highest water content can be found in the imported soybean soaking stage is 63,86%. The highest ash content can be found in the imported soybeen sorting stage is 5,1%. The highest content of protein and carbohydrate can be found in the local soybean sorting stage are 32,68% and 4,33%. It is also found that the percentage of the content of water, ash, protein and also carbohydrate in local soybean is higher than in imported soybean for all stages include sorting, soaking, and tempe. The value of the content of water, ash, and protein in both imported and local (Grobogan variety) soybean tempe has already fulfilled the SNI quality standard for tempe No. 01‐3144‐ 2009.
URI: http://repository.uksw.edu/handle/123456789/2778
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