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Title: Sacrilegious aspect of Javanese gamelan : past and future
Authors: Pranoto, Henry Susanto
Keywords: sacrilegious aspect;Javanese Gamelan;Lou Harrison;Claude Debussy;Gamelan Sekati;Gamelan Kiai Gora;electronic gamelan
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: Jurusan Seni Drama Tari dan Musik UNS
Abstract: This article aims to discuss sacrilegious aspect of Javanese Gamelati in the past and what will happen in the future if it is mistreated. The most important, this article will observe the religious aspect that Gamelati has as its main function. It also explores a background history of Indonesia as a religious nation, an explanation on Gamelati music structures, and its inluence toward the Western composers such as Claude Debussy and Lou Harrison in composing their musical works that are emphasizing the sacrilegious aspect of Gamelan. It gives some detail studies on their musical works that are inluenced by Gamelan music in which those composers still gave a highly and rightful respect in their approach toward Gamelan music. Lastly, this article also explores the electronic Gamelati Music and its efects toward tradition. Meanwhile, it is necessary to preserve the religious aspect of Gamelati because it will deine Indonesian as religious culture.
Description: Harmonia : Jurnal Pengetahuan dan Pemikiran Seni Vol. 13, No. 1, Juni 2013 : 55-68
ISSN: 1411 - 5115
Appears in Collections:Published Research Reports

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