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Title: Analisis Kolaborasi Hubungan Karyawan Menggunakan Metode Social Network Analysis (Studi Kasus Dinas Kearsipan dan Perpustakaan Kabupaten Boyolali)
Authors: Kuncoro, Wreda Agung
Keywords: Collaboration;Social Network Analysis;Boyolali
Issue Date: Jan-2023
Abstract: Good local government performance, especially related to the realization of good corporate governance, can be created if there is good communication between agencies, employees and compact collaboration to synergize policies that facilitate public services. This study aims to identify social networks related to collaboration between employees using the Social Network Analysis method and a total of 40 people as respondents, but only 32 people filled out the questionnaire data completely. The indicators used in viewing the research results are density values, degree centrality values, closeness centrality values, betweenness centrality values, and clique values. The results of the analysis obtained a network density level of 14.8% (considered weak because it is less than 50 percent). Employee number 21 has the highest degree centrality value and betweenness centrality value, then employee number 9 has the highest closeness centrality.
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