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Title: Evaluasi Kinerja Pembelajaran Learning Management System Menggunakan COBIT 4.1 Pada Universitas STEKOM Semarang
Authors: Achaqie, Haikal Nur Rachmanrachim
Keywords: Performance Measurement;LMS;Learning Management System;COBIT 4.1 Framework;Maturity Level
Issue Date: May-2023
Abstract: The University of Computer Science and Technology (STEKOM University) has been using the Learning Management System (LMS) since 2018, but until now the Learning Management System (LMS) performance measurement has not been carried out. This study aims to measure the maturity level of the Learning Management System (LMS) using the COBIT 4.1 Framework in the Delivery and Support (DS) and Monitoring and Evaluation (ME) domains. The value of the maturity level in the existing conditions is at an average level of 2, while the conditions to be achieved are at an average level of 3. In order to achieve the expected level, suggestions for improvement referring to the COBIT 4.1 Framework need to be given including: making SOPs (Operational Standards and Procedures) LMS, complete LMS content, orderly administration of important archives documentation, realization of LMS training for lecturers, allocation of expenses for system maintenance and testing, application of rewards and punishments, creation and use of frameworks and E governance - Learning and everything is done regularly at least every 6 months.
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