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Title: Evaluasi dan perancangan Enterprise Arsitektur Sistem Informasi dan Teknologi Infomarmasi menggunakan TOGAF Termodifikasi
Authors: Onna Bebut, Yuliana
Keywords: arsitektur enterprise;service oriented architecture;monitring;togag
Issue Date: May-2023
Abstract: The management of social institutions and scholarships generally does not have standard business processes, even though their sustainability is needed by people. Therefore, we need an information system that can be used to manage the operations of social institutions and scholarships like that. This paper discusses a system development method that is suitable for the needs of social foundations and scholarships. The Togaf method is modified to assist and determine the design of an information system that suits the needs. Services Oriented Architecture is used to build an information system that can accommodate the needs of the foundation for the flow of information between sections, so that in its development between systems can communicate without changing system stability
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