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Title: Face Recognition for Group Classification Based on Kernel Principal Componrnt Analysis and Support Vector Machines
Authors: Timotius, Ivanna K.
Setyawan, Iwan
Febrianto, Andreas A.
Keywords: face recognition;group classification;Kenel Principal Component Analysis;support vector machines
Issue Date: 28-Sep-2010
Publisher: Department of Informations Faculty of Information Technology ITS Surabaya
Abstract: Faee Recognition system is a machine that is used to recognize people based on their face. In many practical applications, this face recognition system is used to determine whether somebody belongs to certain group or not. This paper presents a face recognition method for group classiication by combining kernel principal component analysis (KPC*A) and support vector machines (SVM). By using these methods, the classification accuracy of the system is 91.84%.
Description: Proceeding of the 6th International Conference on Information & Communication Technology and Systems : VI 53-56
ISSN: 2085-1944
Appears in Collections:Published Research Reports

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