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Title: A Critical Narrative Inquiry into the Struggles and Agency of English Language Learners from “Underdeveloped” Regions in West Kalimantan
Authors: Mambu, Joseph Ernest
Kurniawan, Ardiyarso
Issue Date: 2023
Citation: Mambu, J.E., Kurniawan, A. (2023). A Critical Narrative Inquiry into the Struggles and Agency of English Language Learners from “Underdeveloped” Regions in West Kalimantan. In a Z. Sakhiyya, TW Mulya (eds.), Education in Indonesia : Critical Perspectives on Equity and Social Justice (p. 193-212).
Abstract: Attributes of agency elucidated by Larsen-Freeman (2019) are not meant to be mutually exclusive but for our analytical purpose, the examples above are to illustrate non-exhaustively the presence of LLA in different parts of the students’ elicited narratives. More importantly, Larsen-Freeman’s insights lay a strong foundation for us to identify nuanced characteristics of LLA in students’ past and present language learning episodes, as well as their future projection. Block’s (2015) theory of multilayered structures also helps us to situate LLA within economic, physical, social, and psychological constraints and resources whom Bengkayang students have dealt with or drawn upon. The students might have experienced struggles in learning English in the past and especially at present during the pandemic. From the perspective of critical pedagogy, these struggles highlight unequal access to quality education or facilities that allow learners to learn English effectively. However, based on our critical inquiry into their narratives, some of the learners agentively survived relatively well, were able to put forward critical views of the world, and envisioned their aspiration to empower their community in Bengkayang
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