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Title: The Translation Procedure of Culture Words from Indonesian Into English in "The Years of the Voiceless": The Translated Version of Madasari's Entrok
Authors: Pramesti, Hapriliana
Keywords: Culture Words,;Translation Procedure;Newmark;Novel Translation
Issue Date: 9-Dec-2022
Abstract: Pramesti, Hapriliana. “The Translation Procedures of Culture Words from Indonesian into English in “The Years of the Voiceless: The Translated Version of Madasari’s Entrok.” Salatiga: Translation Study Major. Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana, Salatiga. Language is such a vital instrument in our daily life. In the scope of literary translation, there are many kinds of literary products included; poetry, manuscripts, and novels that have been translated into other languages. This phenomenon caused the translation process to become quite challenging since the translator should consider various actions before deciding the translation of the source language since it will also deal with the cultural differences between the two different countries, especially when it comes to a novel translation. this research aims to analyze the translation of culture words in a novel entitled ‘Entrok’ which was originally written by an Indonesian author named Okky Madasari and is translated into English by Nurhayat Indriyatno Mohamed in its English version novel entitled “The Years of The Voiceless” This research is classified into qualitative research. Data on this research is collected through a close reading performed by the researcher. The finding of this study resulted in 893 datums of culture words and the 76 of the data is displayed as a comparison as well as some of them are being discussed to its translation procedure based on the Newmark’s Theory.
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