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Title: The Students' Perceived Difficulties in Isolated Grammar Course: A Case at University Level
Authors: Pebrianti, Helmi
Keywords: Difficulties;Grammar;Isolated Grammar Course
Issue Date: 11-Dec-2023
Abstract: Grammar is one of the primary keys to mastering English. However, students may face problems and difficulties during the grammar learning process since grammar is complex. This study aims to find students' difficulties in isolated grammar courses (Basic grammar and Intermediate grammar). This qualitative study enabled the researcher to uncover the participants’ lived experiences and perspectives of difficulties in joining isolated grammar courses. To collect the data, this study used semi-structured interviews and journal reflections involving eight students of the English Language Education Program at Christian Satya Wacana University who had taken and newly taken grammar courses. The data gained were analyzed using thematic analysis. The results found five main themes of difficulties the students face in learning grammar: 1) the teachers’ teaching method; 2) lack of motivation in students’ selves; 3) difficulties with grammar content materials; 4) English background knowledge; and 5) negative view toward grammar.
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