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Title: English Language Education UKSW Students' Perceptions on the Use of Pronunciation Practice Application
Authors: Singal, Rio Immanuel Julius
Keywords: Pronunciation;Technology;MAPT;Perception
Issue Date: 8-Dec-2023
Abstract: Pronunciation is one of the important aspects of being proficient in a certain language, therefore, it is important to master the skills of pronunciation. In a world where technology develops so quickly, humans cannot deny that technology has many roles in helping to levitate the standard of living. In the education field, technology has helped the learning and teaching process a lot. One of them is practicing pronunciation with the help of a pronunciation practice application. This study was aimed to find the perception toward the use of pronunciation practice application. Thus, the research questions that became the focus of this study were: (1) what are the learners' perceptions of mobile-assisted pronunciation practice? and (2) how does a pronunciation practice application help students improve their pronunciation? To answer the research question, the author distributed a questionnaire to 12 participants who are currently taking a Pronunciation Practice Class, which their lecturer asked them to download an application to help them practice. Then, a semi-structured interview was conducted. The finding revealed that students have a positive perception of the application they used. As for the interview, the data proposed that the application they used had several ways of helping them enhance their pronunciation skills.
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