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Title: Interactive Media to Motivate Students to Learn English: A Project for SMA Negeri 2 Bengkayang
Authors: Angelika, Gresella
Keywords: Student motivation;interactive media;learning English;digital lesson plan
Issue Date: 7-Dec-2023
Abstract: Student motivation in learning English is still a major concern in education. This study explores the important relationship between motivation and effective English language learning. The context of this research centers on SMA Negeri 2 Bengkayang which still has challenges in maintaining students' motivation to actively engage in English learning. Recognizing the important role of teachers in motivating students, this study proposes an innovative approach using interactive media used in a digital lesson plan to increase student engagement in the classroom. Utilizing various applications such as Canva, Google Forms, Learningapps, Mentimeter, Padlet, Quizizz, and YouTube, the digital lesson plan was formulated to increase students' motivation and participation in English lessons. The digital lesson plan specifically targets two main topics: 'Offering and Giving Suggestions' and 'Asking for and Giving Opinions'. The literature review studied the importance of motivation in language acquisition, emphasizing its impact on students' success in mastering language skills. In addition, the study highlighted the role of interactive media in enhancing students' motivation, citing examples where multimedia elements such as videos have proven instrumental in improving language skills. With interactive media, it is expected to build students' motivation in learning English.
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