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Title: Interactive Media to Enhance Students Participation in English Classroom : Project for SMP Negeri 5 Jagoi Babang.
Authors: Subandiati, Subandiati
Keywords: Interactive Media;Technology;Teaching Aids;Canva;Padlet
Issue Date: 7-Dec-2023
Abstract: Teaching aids is an important things in an English classroom. The use of interactive media as teaching aids can help to enhance student participation and allow them to learn through various types of media. This study aims to explore teacher need on the use of teaching aids in order to enhance student active participation in English classroom. This study use qualitative method with semi-structured interview questions to 1 English teacher from target school. The result of the interview showed that the teacher need interactive media to help enhance student active participation in classroom. The second result showed that the use of technology as teaching aids make student actively participate in classroom activity and they happy learn using technology as the media.
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