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Title: Application of the PIECES Framework Method in E-Report Evaluation
Authors: Sholikin, Muhammad
Keywords: E-Report;PIECES framework;User Satisfaction
Issue Date: 28-Nov-2023
Abstract: The evaluation of the E-report application at SMK N 1 Banyudono is integral for assessing its alignment with the latest curriculum guidelines and its effectiveness in meeting students' learning and assessment needs. This evaluation ensures that learning support technologies, such as E-report, stay relevant, responsive to user needs, and supportive of the school's long-term educational objectives. Using the PIECES method, the assessment of user satisfaction comprehensively considers Performance, Information, Economy, Control, Efficiency, and Services indicators. The Likert scale aids in gauging user satisfaction across various aspects. Quantitative data analysis involves 26 respondents, including teachers, homeroom teachers, curriculum staff, and school principals, providing a holistic perspective on learning and assessments management. The PIECES method and Likert scale evaluation reveal a satisfaction level of 4.52, categorizing it as "SATISFIED." This comprehensive assessment covers system performance, information accuracy, cost-effectiveness, system control ease, time efficiency, and service flexibility. The qualitative descriptive approach using the PIECES method and Likert scale identifies areas for improvement, ensuring the E-report application remains efficient, relevant, and aligned with DITJEN VOKASI guidelines.
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