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Title: Trust and Electronic Word of Mouth on Purchase Intention; Rating as Mediator
Authors: Kojongian, Keren Sonia Petronela
Keywords: Trust;Electronic Word of Mouth;Rating;Purchase Intention
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2024
Abstract: In the increasingly digital age, this research aims to investigate how trust, electronic word of mouth, and rating as a mediator affect consumer purchase intention. This study examines the effect of trust and electronic word-of-mouth, with ratings acting as a mediator, on the purchasing intentions of health products. The research centres on Shopee users residing in Salatiga City during the COVID-19 pandemic. The study's sample consisted of 103 inhabitants of Salatiga City who use the Shopee marketplace. The analysis was completed utilizing the Partial Least Square-Structural Equation Method. The results suggest that trust does not significantly impact purchase intent, but the trust variable has a positive and significant impact on ratings. Furthermore, the rating variable indicates a positive and significant effect on purchase intent. The electronic word-of-mouth factor has a positive and significant impact on purchase intention and ratings. The positive and significant effect of linking trust and purchase intention via ratings as a mediator is evident. In contrast, the link between electronic word of mouth and purchase intention, where ratings serve as a mediator, does not indicate any significant impact.
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