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Title: Exploring The English Language Education Students’ Difficultis and Strategies in Reading Classes
Authors: Tarabit, Inka Pakat
Keywords: ELEP students;critical reading;reading difficulties;reading strategies
Issue Date: 5-Mar-2024
Abstract: This study aimed to find out the reading difficulties that the English Language Education Program students face during reading activities and to find out the reading strategies that they use to overcome the difficulties. The participants were seven students of the English Language Education Program at Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana from the 2022 batch who had experienced the Critical Reading course. The criteria for selected participants were students' grades (A to C). Semi-structured interviews were used as the instruments to collect the data. The data gained were analyzed using thematic analysis. The results of this study indicated five main themes of reading difficulties that the English Language Education Program students face in Critical Reading course: 1) determining the structure of text correctly; 2) grammatical errors; 3) determining the main idea and supporting details; 4) identify propaganda techniques; and 5) lack of students' reading interest. Moreover, the researcher also found six main themes of reading strategies that students use in overcoming difficulties: 1) review material; 2) ask questions to classmates; 3) have a small discussion with classmates; 4) search for material references on the internet; 5) use Google translate; and 6) reread the text.
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