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Title: The Use of Digital Learning Application in Improving Speaking Skills in ESP Teaching Practicum Course: A Learner Reflection
Authors: Putriani, Arlinda
Keywords: digital learning applications;Speaking skills;ESP (English for Specific Purposes);reflection
Issue Date: 5-Mar-2024
Abstract: In many fields of knowledge, ESP had been deemed necessary for future professionals' academic training. Mastery of a foreign language, study in a particular field, and the development of skills relevant to the needs of the student's career are the main components of the student's broad scope. This research focuses on the use of digital applications to improve ESP students' abilities, especially in speaking. This study was conducted during the teaching practicum at the Faculty of Language and Arts, Satya Wacana Christian University. The participant for this study is one of the staff members of the university who was taught during the teaching practicum. For collecting the data, this study used an interview method. The researcher has guided the participant in each reflection after each use of the application. Additionally, interviews have been made all throughout the teaching practice. The participant was asked to share his experiences regarding the use of digital learning applications to enhance their speaking abilities through interview techniques. The findings demonstrate that the participant's reactions to the use of digital applications had been favorable. The participant responded positively to the use of this digital learning application. The participant said that Youtube can present images and sounds that made it easier for the participant to follow the lips movement from the video when speaking. Also Duolingo is an application that packages language learning through games so it makes the participant not easily bored and not afraid to make mistakes when learning because the participant could access it themselves. These results can be applied to additional research assessing the benefits of combining different teaching pedagogies and approaches for learning and instruction, especially in ESP.
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