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Title: Students' Perception about peer feed-bac in Academic Writing Courses
Authors: Pratiwi, Nia Sinta
Keywords: Peer Feed-back;Feed-back;Writing
Issue Date: 5-Mar-2024
Abstract: Feedback can be given by the teacher to students or students to other students. In a class there is peer feedback that usually happens, when students give each other feedback about their writing performance. The research was conducted in Faculty Language and Arts, Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana, Salatiga. The aim of the research is to explain students' perspective of peer feedback in Academic Writing Class. The data were collected through interviews. The participants were students who had passed from the Academic Writing Course, then randomly selected 11 students who were willing to be participants for an interview. After participants agreed to be interviewed, participants and researchers made an appointment to conduct the interview. The research focuses on students' perceptions of peer feedback in writing essays in the Academic Writing Class. There are 2 main points obtained, in the form of students who feel helped and those who don't. Some students feel helpful because they get a new point of view, motivation and also double check their essay. Other students think it wasn't helpful because they think that the peer is not as expert as the teacher and make confusion.
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