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Title: Rimau's Roar: The Cultural Practice In Preserving The Relation Between Harimau Sumatera & Human Seen Through Hall's Circuit Of Culture Theory
Authors: Sentosa, Gabriel Eka Putra
Keywords: harimau sumatera;culture
Issue Date: Oct-2023
Abstract: The diversity in Indonesia made so many cultural legacies. However, debates often arise to fulfill the needs. Sometimes, developments over time are contradictory to the legacy of our ancestors if we are not wise. This point is discussed in this scientific paper by applying Stuart Hall’s Circuit Of Culture theory, using the method of library study, reading book, learning from online news on any social media also the documentary video about Harimau Sumatra, reading the online articles and online journal with the output of a short story entitled 'Rimau's Roar'. Rimau’s Roar - describe the different point of view from the old and younger generations regarding environmental problems which can disrupt the relationship between humans and Sumatran tigers as Indonesia's endangered endemic species. Hopefully, this writing project can trigger people's awareness of the nature issues. So, humans can take care of every creature all around the world, then peaceful life is not a joke.
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